Cheer up Jason, it might never happen!

Poor Jason Donovan, he seemed absolutely miserable when I said hello to him at the Party In The Park in Leeds the other week.

Why? Because he'd been sitting around all day in the rain. Despite the fact he wasn't on till 5pm, he'd turned up at 11am. And despite the fact that it's been pouring down all summer, he'd decided to wear white sandals and Bermuda shorts.

Backstage as usual, I stuck my head round his dressing room door to say: "Good luck for the show!" but he seemed incredibly grumpy and stressed, and a million miles away - probably somewhere he'd rather be.

I know Jason from years ago, he once hosted a Mr Gay uk final for me despite the fact he'd been previously quoted in The Face magazine as saying: "I'm not gay, I surf", the subtext being that you can't do manly things like that if you're homosexual. I like him, though and didn't hold that silly comment against him at the time and it's been long forgiven.

The dressing room was hardly lavish - he had a chair, a table, a bowl of fruit and a mirror in his Portakabin and that was it. He was sitting with his sandals off, with his soggy feet up.

I introduced him to Darren Hayes, ex of Savage Garden, a fellow Australian who came out as being gay last year and had his civil partnership - his 'husband' is a little fella with a goatee beard and glasses.

Darren was wearing a powder blue suit with plastic bags tied on over his shoes to keep them dry. I took a picture of Darren modelling those carriers and Jason in his waterlogged flip flops - the pair of them looked really funny.

Jason's a true professional though and you'd never have guessed he was in such a foul mood once he was in front of the cameras and onstage, turning on the charm.

In much better sprits was Shayne Ward who I always love to see. He's looking incrediby trim, he reminds me of Beckham a bit. I said to his girlfriend: "If you get bored of him, pass him over to me!" She laughed and he grinned, rolling his eyes.

I spent about an hour and a half chilling out with Shayne. It was quite amusing because earlier in the day I'd had a film crew with me shooting footage for a pilot of a possible documentary about me and Michael.

Shayne too had a film crew, doing a fly-on-the-wall show about him. That says something about modern times that we both had our own film crews, it was just a shame I suppose that they didn't end up filming each other!

Onstage he did a funny, sexy dance, hitching his grey cardigan up to reveal the top of his incredibly unflattering boxer shorts. "They look like prison underpants," I told him. "How would you know, have you been in prison?" he laughed.

I told him how Gareth Gates had told me recently that he never buys his own clothes but relies on a stylist. I asked Shayne if he does his own shopping. He claimed he did, then relented, admitting he too has a stylist to do all that.

It seems everyone has a stylist except me. I don't think I'd want someone else telling me what to wear! I think I'd be a good stylist though.

You should see me when I take my sister Rosemarie shopping. I spent �300 on her in Monsoon in Leeds last week and we had great fun, me holding stuff up against her and picking out colours she hadn't thought of.

The guy in the shop actually said: "Are you a stylist?" obviously thinking that my sister must be a famous actress, or something. I was really flattered, being mistaken for a fashion expert. Yet another vocation I seem to have missed.


Actors out till the early hours

I had a gang of Emmerdale actors down at my Leeds club, Mission, what a rowdy bunch! Verity Rushworth was the only one who stayed half-way sober, doing her best to keep the others in check.

They were all sporting moustaches drawn on with eyeliner and one of the lads - I won't embarrass him in this column by saying who - was so drunk he threw up all over a sofa in the VIP area. He kept apologising but I'm still going to send him a cleaning bill.

I left at 4.45am and they were still all there showing no signs of going home. Hope they weren't filming the following day!