No new Mission for returning Hero Harry

After the news broke about Prince Harry serving in Afghanistan for the last 10 weeks, I was hoping he would celebrate his return at my club Mission on Saturday night.

Harry’s long term girlfriend Chelsy Davy is a student at Leeds University and has already visited the club with Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton last year.

But alas, the champagne I had on ice for them wasn’t needed as Chelsy had taken the week off University and returned to London to spend time with Harry there.

It seems as though absence does make the heart grow fonder, and apparently Harry kept Chelsy’s picture with him the whole time he was on the front line in Afghanistan.

Their on-off relationship seems to have been very much re-kindled as they are planning to spend Easter together in Africa.

I’ll keep the best champagne in the fridge until Harry decides to have a weekend with Chelsy in Leeds!

Dancing On Ice

I’ve continued to enjoy watching my friend Gareth Gates impress the judges with his skating as he and partner Maria Filippov reached the final 5 couples remaining in the contest.

One of the downsides of all the time Gareth is spending in training and the concentration required is that his stammer is returning. It was very bad when we first got to know him on Pop Idol but in recent years it had got much better. He is not taking time out to do his breathing exercises at the moment so it’s getting worse again.

He also had a shock last week when a crazed stalker broke into his dressing room and lunged out at him trying to give him a kiss when he came in. It wasn’t me I promise!

Let’s hope all the hard work is worth it and he glides all the way to the final.

Noodle Month

I had to laugh when I was told that March is officially ‘national noodle month’. An image immediately sprung into my head of everyone walking around with sauce dribbling down their chins from eating noodles every day.

It doesn’t stop with noodles either, national garlic day is in April, doughnut week and watercress week are in May, maple syrup day in November and my personal favourite ‘split pea soup week’ in November �" I must put that one in my diary…

Patrick Swayze

I was very saddened to hear the news that Dirty Dancing and Ghost star Patrick Swayze has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

He was partway through filming a new comedy where he played a gay cheerleading instructor but unfortunately has had to stop filming presumably due to his health.

I hope the negative reporting of his prognosis is exaggerated and that he is able to battle against this aggressive disease.

Patrick and his wife Lisa Niemi have been happily married for 32 years, a rare thing in Hollywood. My best wishes go out to both of them.