Ola...soaking up the sun with Richy Hatton

I WAS sunning myself in Puerto Banus near Marbella last week, but have to admit it has never really been my type of place before – full of luxury yachts and flash expensive cars.

Cars don’t really excite, though I’m always fascinated watching people who do love them and stand next to them to have their photo taken.

The yachts do impress me but I believe they swallow up so much money I don’t think I’d ever buy one.

I was once invited on to a beautiful luxury one in Ibiza and we sailed around the harbour and coast, but after we returned I couldn’t believe how much work was involved in washing the whole boat down and drying it.

Unless you splash out more cash and hire a deck hand it certainly seems like too much hard work and a very expensive hobby to me.

In Puerto Banus, I was showing a friend round and we stood outside Sinatra’s bar. I can’t get my head round what makes the place so famous. It’s a tiny bar only about the size of my lounge. All kinds of celebrities are drawn to the place and are forever talking about it.

Just at that point I heard a familiar voice and turned round to see boxer Ricky Hatton looking extremely inebriated (or abbreviated as I always mistakenly call it!).

He was drinking with a rowdy group of friends and I couldn’t resist going over to have a chat and shaking his hand, as I hadn’t seen him since his last fight in Manchester.

I also spent time with him in Las Vegas last summer, when he introduced me to Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLouglin (as you know I don’t like name dropping!) in his dressing room after the fight.

I asked Ricky if he was enjoying himself at Sinatra’s, however, I don’t think I was making much sense to him. I wanted to have my photograph with him but his friends started to kick up a fuss saying, ‘No photographs, we’re on holiday,’ but Ricky was really polite as he always is and was happy to pose for a snap.

Meeting lots of celebrities has made me realise that the entourage that often surrounds them can be the people who are the most difficult and not the celebrity themselves. Sometimes I think it must go to their heads and they think they are the famous ones.

Not many other people had noticed Ricky as he was wearing a huge pair of Prada sunglasses. But I did chuckle to myself as he’d left the Prada sticky label on the front of them.

Hopefully Ricky will be off the alcohol soon, as he begins training for his next fight in November which will probably be in Las Vegas again.

After being lucky enough to get ringside and into his dressing room last time, I’m definitely keeping an eye out for tickets as they get snapped up in minutes!