Stars in my bars

Stars in my bars

Blimey, it looks like I'll be ditching my favourite hobby of chasing celebrities around... they're all flocking to me!

Or more specifically, the venues I own in Leeds. The first of a string of celebs to turn up for a drink was Duncan James, the chirpy former star of boy band Blue.

He arrived on Wednesday at my club, Mission , which seemed a bit odd, as that's student night. Maybe he's thinking about enrolling to do a degree at Leeds University and wanted to check out student nightlife?

I've met Duncan a few times, first when he was in Blue, then when he was hosting Soap Star Superstar Extra for ITV2 in Manchester. Of course he's more famous lately for dancing on ice than singing anything.

I'd had a long chat with him when I saw him at ITV2 - and reminded him about the time he made a fool of himself by throwing a strop when I tried to take a nice, candid shot of him and his daughter backstage at Leeds' Party In The Park.

Fine, if he wanted to protect her privacy but minutes later he took her onstage with him, and sang her a song in front of thousands of people. He apologised and told me it was a moment of madness from the adrenalin rush before going in stage.

Another time, I met up with him at a gig he did at Blackpool illuminations. He'd borrowed a flat cap from a member of the audience to wear, then he had one at the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham as well when I saw him there. I couldn't resist telling him I didn't think it suited him.

Then, weeks later, when he turned up in Mission he was wearing a flat cap, so he obviously took no notice of my fashion advice. I don't know if that means he's been wearing the same one, solidly, since then, taking it off only to get his skates on... not a good look, Duncan!

So, you want to know who else has been round, don't you? On Friday, Paddy McGuinness, Peter Kay's sidekick best known as Paddy from Max and Paddy, arrived with the blonde girl from Shipwreck whose name I can't remember.

I like him but he's not exactly Robert De Niro in the acting stakes. Someone told me that they had to call his character Paddy in Phoenix Nights because he kept forgetting to react when they tried a fictional name and another actor called him by it as the cameras rolled. Bless!

Saturday was all about Emmerdale, first I bumped into Lucy Pargeter pushing a baby in a push chair in Zara in Leeds and later that night not one but three Emmerdale stars turned up at Mission - Cleveland Campbell, Sammy Winward and Kelvin Fletcher.

They were in good spirits and bought me a drink in the VIP room. We had a great time sharing showbiz gossip and Cleveland told me what it was like going to drama school with Anthony Cotton... and then got talking about myspace, still my current favourite topic.

I have met Kelvin a few times but had no idea who the other two were. I'm never at home when Emmerdale's on.

He told me he didn't have a myspace, but that strangers keep setting one up in Sammy's name.

I asked Sammy what she did for a job, as I couldn't figure out why she was supposed to be famous and the centre of all this myspace attention.

''I was in Brookside ,'' she replied. ''How come people remember you from that? It's not been on in ages,'' I said.

It turns out she's currently doing very well in Emmerdale, so I don't know whether the 'Brookside' line was idle mischief, a genuine desire to play down her telly status or maybe she was miffed that I didn't know who she was.

Perhaps she just couldn't be bothered to answer a load of questions like: ''Do they serve real beer in the Woolpack?'' that she thought I was going to ask her. All Cleveland had to say on the matter was: ''It's all politics!''

Sammy and Kelvin looked to be getting on very well - I half wondered, as I put them in a taxi at 4am, whether there's a bit of an off-screen romance blossoming there. Who can tell?

How I brought a taste of Brazil to the big smoke

My other career as an arty photographer is going from strength to strength... I had my first exhibition in London, at Canning House in Knightsbridge, which has links with the Brazilian embassy.

I was showing off my photos of the Rio Carnival which were a big hit at the Troubadour Gallery, in Chorlton, Manchester, last summer. A selection of them were snapped up by a German publisher for a coffee table book Carnival In Rio:Samba Samba Samba! The book, which comes with four CDs, has been selling well for the past year or so, and there were plenty more photos where they came from - I go back to Brazil every February for this fabulous event.

The opening night for my latest show was brilliant, there were about 200 people there including Brazilians, so I had to think extra-carefully about what I said in my speech - obviously they know their country better than I do and I didn't want to come out with any misinformation!

I was surprised at how nervous I was for the speech - I think it suddenly dawned on me that here I was, Terry George from Leeds, here in London, with all these people come to see me and my work, and I felt a bit overwhelmed.

My hands were shaking and my voice was wavering as I thanked friends and associates including my friend Ruth who I met, by chance, on holiday and who went on to appoint herself my unofficial agent, securing me my Manchester show and also this one with her amazing contacts.

When someone asked me to sign a copy of my book, my legs turned to jelly. I can't decide whether that means I was humbled or I'm developing an ego the size of West Yorkshire!

Now my latest big photo project is with Leeds Rhinos - I'm hoping to put my images of the players on and off duty together into a glossy book, but it's early days yet. I'll keep you posted!

The league of straight gentlemen?

So where are all the gay footballers? If one in 10 people are gay it must mean there's at least one on every soccer team... yet there aren't any openly out footballers in Britain.

I had to laugh when it was reported that John Terry claims that if he was gay, he would fancy team-mate Frank Lampard. The Chelsea defender was asked who he thought was the best looking player in the squad. England captain Terry, 26, a dad of two, was stumped at first, then said: ''Probably Lampsy I reckon. The girls like him a little bit. If I was that way I'd see something in him.'' Ahh, that's nice.