When Melissa Came To Stay...

When Melissa Came To Stay…

Michael and I were really flattered a few weeks ago when a TV Production company contacted us about the possibility of filming our house for a new Channel 5 show ‘I Own Britain’s Best Home’.

Basically it is a series of programmes showcasing different types of homes throughout the UK, and viewers will vote in for their favourite.

We agreed to take part as we thought it would be really fun to do, what we hadn’t realised is all the hard work that would be involved!

Of course when you know you are going to be on TV you want your house to look it’s best so we have spent the last month tripping over dust sheets and avoiding wet paint as we ambitiously decided to have the whole place re-decorated.

So when the crew arrived for 2 days of filming last week we were just hiding the vacuum cleaner as they knocked on the door, after having an army of friends over at the last minute to help us get it looking perfect.

The presenter of the programme, Melissa Porter stayed over at our house on the first night. She is currently on BBC2 every evening presenting Britain’s Dream Homes.

It was such great fun having a celebrity staying over, she is a really lovely down to earth person and even offered to do the washing up after dinner. We didn’t let her of course.

During dinner we had been telling her that our house is haunted, and can you believe during the night her bedroom lights kept switching on and off by themselves. She thought it was us playing tricks on her but honestly it wasn’t �" how spooky though?

One of the scenes planned for the second day of filming was Melissa in the swimming pool, so we decided to invite 6 male models around to surprise her. When she came down to the pool there were six hunky guys in their red swimming trunks waiting to dive in and rescue her. She thought it was hilarious and loved playing up to the camera as they all jumped in at once to splash her. The director then decided to film them all in the hot tub with her drinking champagne!

Not surprisingly she didn’t want to leave at the end of the shoot, particularly as she had to drive up to the Lake District late that night to the location of the next shoot.

I’ve always had ambitions to be a TV presenter myself, but what this made me realise is what long hours they keep. They worked 13 hour days on the filming plus travelling between locations. I would certainly have to give up my late nights!

Anyway the series will be shown on Channel 5 during March and April so I hope you’ll be voting for us.

The Brits

If like me you watched last week’s Brit Awards on TV, it makes you wonder if the producers tell the presenters to spice it up during the show like Sharon Osborne tried to do by swearing at Vic Reeves. Personally I thought it was inappropriate from the way the whole thing was going and it was unncesseary.

It was quite clear her mike had been left open as she commented on the Arctic Monkeys and the way they were dressed in flat caps..

I don’t think they did themselves any favours, acting too rock and roll. I reckon they’ll look back in yrs to come and cringe.

I was delighted that Take That won 2 awards. They seem to be so humble in everything they do, appreciating that they have been given a second chance. Every one of them seemsed so pleased with their awards, you can’t help but love them.

Most of the press are saying that Amy Winehouse put in the best performance but I disagree with the critics. I wasn’t a fan of her rendition of Valerie and thought she was wobbly. She is great value for the media though, so outrageous and unpredictable.

Well done Macca on your lifetime achievement award, hope you read my column last week!