Channel 4's Secret Millionaire

Leeds businessman Terry George is the star of Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire Multi-millionaire nightclub owner and entrepreneur Terry George went under cover to give money away to deserving people for a Channel 4 reality TV show, to be screened on Wednesday December 5.

Terry, 42, who owns a string of businesses including Leeds bar Fibre and club Mission, lived in a caravan for 10 days and worked
for the minimum wage - in an old people’s home, a chip shop and delivering meals on wheels.
Wealthy participants in the Secret Millionaire each agreed to give away £30,000 to cash-strapped people they meet and get to know - who aren’t aware of the real, moneyed identity of their new friend.

The experience was a real eye opener and changed Terry’s outlook on life. The former DJ was born and brought up on a Leeds council estate and now lives in a £3m castle in Calderdale with his civil partner Michael Rothwell.
He publishes gay lifestyle magazine Bent, runs the 118 GAY directory inquiry service and has interests in property as well as his nightlife profile which includes top travelling club night Federation. He also founded non-profit-making tribute website and writes newspaper and magazine columns on his celebrity lifestyle.

Channel 4 approached him out of the blue to appear in the programme. At first he was sceptical but he admits crying his eyes out as he watched a DVD of the first series, seeing what a difference participants could make to people’s lives.

Of the filming, he says: “They stuck me in a caravan in Cornwall but I quite liked it. It was rough in terms of having to live on a minimum wage. I wasn’t allowed to take any money, they even took my Platinum American Express card away. I had to beg and borrow tea bags, milk, bread and butter from my caravan site neighbours.
One man, a fisherman, brought me some raw, freshly-caught fish.

“I did three jobs. I worked in a care home delivering meals on wheels, then an old people’s home, then a chip shop where things were very physical - swinging bags of potatoes around. The hardest part for me was the old people’s home where I had to feed and change people who couldn’t look after themselves.

“I really admire people who do jobs like that. I found it very upsetting. It scared me. It made me think about how short life is and how every minute of every day counts. At the end of the 10 days I didn’t want to go to the five-star hotel the crew had arranged for me, I just wanted to stay in my caravan and chat to the people I got to know.”

Terry is not revealing who he gave money to. “People will have to watch the show to find out,” he says. “It was really difficult but I know I made the right decision.”

Terry’s tranmission is due to be shown on
Wednesday 5th December, on Channel 4