Vernon's a real scream

98 Seconds of sheer hell

Every now and then something arrives on my desk that grabs my imagination straight away. This time it was an invite to cross over the Pennines and visit the latest attraction on Blackpool's Pleasure Beach, Infusion.

So, armed with more courage than I actually possess I trundled over, leaving my office in a cloudy and cool Leeds and expecting little difference the other side of the hill. Once over the peak the weather turned sunny and a clear blue sky accompanied me all the way to the sea front.

After a brief ceremony where ex X Factor hopeful Sean sang a song and man of the moment Vernon Kaye officially opened the ride to the British public... but not before a few of us VIPs got a ride first.

Vernon came off looking distinctly worse for wear so when it was my turn to have the Infusion experience I was very very wary.

My heart was beating like a small fledgling about to take its first flight as the mechanics bumped into action and it was too late for a change of mind.

Ninety-eight seconds later, and having managed to scream like a big girl all the way round, we came to a halt having been spun, turned experienced the world from all angles and had the most exciting thrill I've had in many a moon.

Blackpool may not be getting the Casino business they hoped for but at least the owners of Blackpool Pleasure Beach are trying to add something different to any visitors West Coast experience. Well done to them... and you've got an amazing addition to an already fantastic attraction. I caught up with Vernon after the event and asked him what he thought. ''Brilliant... really brilliant.''

I couldn't agree more.

Admiring Amir

I hosted X Factor Finalist Chenai's birthday party at my bar Fibre in Leeds last week, and among her guests was boxing sensation Amir Khan.

The Bolton lad shot to fame in 2004 when he won a silver medal at the Sydney Olympics aged just 17.

It was difficult to even get near him at the party as he was surrounded by a huge entourage; however I eventually managed to chat to him. I noticed he was sporting a Jacob diamond watch so I asked him if it was real. ''Course it is man'' he replied.

I told him I was flying out to Las Vegas at the end of this month to see Ricky Hatton fight against Jose Luis Castillo in the IBO Light Welterweight Championship and asked Amir if he would be there too. Unfortunately he can't make it as he is in training himself for his next fight on July 14th for the Commonwealth lightweight title.

Perhaps the temptation of the huge all you can eat buffets in Las Vegas would be too much for him?

Host with the most

During the last week, I have been really flattered to be asked to front 2 local events. The annual Leeds Bar & Club Awards which takes place on Sunday 29th July at the Queen's hotel in Leeds and to open a new tanning salon in West Vale, near Elland called Tanned & Fabulous where proceeds from the open evening are being donated to NSPCC.

I'll be hosting the Bar & Club Awards with Jo Jo from Galaxy Radio. I have to say I'm quite nervous, particularly since they told me I have to follow a long script, and I'm not the best reader in the world. I've booked 3 tables for all the staff from my bars and clubs to attend as a thank you to them for the hard work they put in throughout the year. I'm sure they will be heckling me from the audience.

Maybe the tanning salon will give me some freebie sessions so I can go on stage with a healthy glow to hide my blushes. But not looking like Dale Winton though!